Bullets and Beer

Last night was one of the best, non-partying, nights I have had in an extremely long time. I can attribute this to two facts:

  1. I shot a hand gun, repeatedly.
  2. I got to hang out with ThatGuy.

This week has been a week filled with delightful events and fun times with friends because I actually made the effort to plan things and go see people. My Thursday night was a planned TG and Jazz date night, friend-date night that is. I spent all of Thursday excited to head into the city, but we hadn’t made any formal plans for the evening so I had no idea what was in store.

TG called me as he wrapped up his work day and suggested we go to the Pistol Club.

Yeah, you heard me. The Wascana Pistol Club.

I’m pretty sure I was more excited to get to the city than ever. Of course, TG hadn’t even showered when I got to his place, so I was left sitting around waiting on the slow poke. I was far too excited to head out and shoot a gun, far too excited.

FINALLY, what felt like hours later, or one and a half episodes of Two and a Half men later, we were on our way. After arriving, being all nervous, getting the low down on the safety precautions and such, it was time to wait. It didn’t take long for two spots to open up in the range and in we went.

100 rounds. 10 targets. My pretty little glittery manicured fingernails and shoving bullets into the clip, shoving the clip up into the pistol, made me laugh a lot. Glittery fingernails definitely need to handle bullets more often.

This resulted in the best mood ever. TG was no longer stressed out from work; I no longer had a care in the world. I had hit the bull’s-eye a couple times. TG used an automatic rifle as well as the hand gun and it looked pretty awesome. I felt like the biggest badass around. I even brought home the targets!

I missed TG a lot; he really is one of my best friends, even though he gives me a hard time. We went for a beer after we were done being all badass and chatted for a while. Of course, TG was distracted slightly by hockey since the Sharks were playing, but after knowing him for so long I’m used to that.

So, who wants to go shoot guns with me soon? I want to go back ASAP.

Photo Source: Movie Bad Girls